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Monday, August 31, 2009

Anniversary Cards (NOT FOR SALE)

This card is ordered by a daughter who want to give it to her mom and dad during their anniversary. How lovely :') I did this late at night and started with no idea. And i don't even plan anything on the design just do it on the spot. It really surprised me on how it looks at last :) I hope they'll love it.

This is also one of my customer's order. The design is all up on me but the wording is on her. I took too long to finish this because i'm afraid if the design is not up to what she expected from me. And also, this card will be a gift to a husband. I mean a MAN. I don't want the card to look so soft or girly and so this is the result :') I can't show the inside look because it's a secret :p

1 comment:

niza said...

maceh yang!!akak nak cilok leh x??ingt nak post dlm blog...kang takut x surprise lak...hehehe...