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Selamat datang ke Shawlsphere.
Sebelum ni, blogshop ini hanya jual handmade greeting card. Tapi terpaksa berhenti sebab memerlukan komitmen yang sangat tinggi. Tuan kedai ni pulak pelajar sepenuh masa. Susah dah nak buat tempahan kad yang ambil masa lama untuk cari idea baru :(

Sekarang saya nak jual shawl pulak. Mudah dan tak guna banyak masa :) Sebenarnya nak jual custom-made shawl je, tapi sebagai permulaan, apa salahnya jual yang ready-made dulu kan? Yang pasti, saya ambik shawl yang cantik-cantik je untuk anda semua :)

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Customer's Order

Ordered by Eyka

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Purple LOVE

T013 : RM 5 [sold]

Hello guys! :) This is my new card after having a break for so long. The wording is written by hand because i'm having a problem with the printer :( I know my handwriting isn't so nice but i've tried my best on this. Drop some comment if you like it :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Hari Raya Cards.

Ordered by Miss Maisarah. She wants all these color (pink, blue, green, purple and black). I will come up with another design for you guys. But if you want the same design just let me know :)

Anniversary Cards (NOT FOR SALE)

This card is ordered by a daughter who want to give it to her mom and dad during their anniversary. How lovely :') I did this late at night and started with no idea. And i don't even plan anything on the design just do it on the spot. It really surprised me on how it looks at last :) I hope they'll love it.

This is also one of my customer's order. The design is all up on me but the wording is on her. I took too long to finish this because i'm afraid if the design is not up to what she expected from me. And also, this card will be a gift to a husband. I mean a MAN. I don't want the card to look so soft or girly and so this is the result :') I can't show the inside look because it's a secret :p

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marshmallow Darling.

T 011 : RM4 [SOLD]

OMG this is so cute! I love the purple mini square that i put on the outside. The color's combination looks like marshmallow isn't it? :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just for You

T 010 : RM 5 [sold]

Find something to give to your bestfriend? This card is the best solution. Your bestfriend will be touched by the quotes inside :)

Love Pop Up

T 009 : RM 8 [SOLD]

This is the hardest card i've made so far. The pop-up inside can be change based on your own desire. You can change the 'love' into something else like flowers, cupcakes, or anything else.

Congratulate with Colours :)

T 008 : RM 3

Congratulate your friends or family by giving them this colourful card. :)

Cupcake Spiral Pop Up

T 007 : RM4 [sold]

This is my first trial making spiral pop-up card. Adorable isn't it? :) You can ask me to make a spiral card like this. For suggestion, if you want to give it to your lover, email me your memorable picture and i will print it out and place is just like i did with the cupcake above. Your partner will loves you more and appreciate your gift :) You can give it to your friends, family or even your teachers too.

Sweet Ribbon

T 006 : RM 4 [sold]

A simple birthday card with a ribbon outside and a cupcake inside. I've made the ribbon myself :)


T 005 : RM 4

Show your bestfriend how much you appreciate the friendship by giving them this card. The inside is plain and it is up to you how you want me to deco it. For example, email me the picture of you and your friends and i will print it out and put it inside the card and put some frame or border. If you have any idea, just tell me and i will do it for you. But it's up to my ability too. :)
If you want to add a pop-up inside, the price would be RM5.

Thank You

T 003: RM4

Looking for a way to say thanks to someone? Try this card and it could brighten up their day :) It doesn't look really neat in the picture. It is just a sample. I will make it nicely and neatly if there is any order :)

Happy Birthday Princess

T 002 : RM5 [sold]

Happy birthday princess!! As you can see there is a lot of girly stuff i've put there and obviously this was made for a birthday girl. Young girl will love it :)

Spiral Pop Up

T 001 : RM 3 [SOLD]

This is my second trial making a spiral card. As it is for a birthday boy, i've put a mini picture of mini jersey, football, PS controller, boxing glove and also a sport car. The kids will love it :)